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In preparation for 2014, I'm opening the doors of the “On the Mark” blog to some of the most influential players in technology to gain fresh new insights into some of the biggest trends of our time.


Call it “Marking Predictions for 14.”  We'll focus on how trends such as cloud computing, consumerization of IT and BYOD, Big Data, and more will impact the industry and our world in 2014.  We’ll also examine the role technology plays in our lives and take a learn more about how it continues to drive one of the greatest social transformations in human history.

I expect the conversations to be informative, surprising and maybe even a little provocative.

Update: Robert Scoble was the first contributor in the series. You can see all posts related to Marking Predictions for 14 via that link. I'll also keep a running list of contributors here:



Here's what I will be asking:


1.   Describe in one sentence what you do and why you’re good at it.


2.   Cloud Computing, Big Data or Consumerization: which trend do you feel is having the most impact on IT today and why?


3.   What do you think is the biggest misconception about Cloud computing/Big Data/Consumerization?


4.   Which (Cloud Computing/Big Data/Consumerization) trend has surprised you most in the last five years?


5.   How has Cloud Computing/Big Data/Consumerization had the biggest impact in YOUR life?


6.   On a lighter note - If Cloud/Big Data/Consumerization could be personified by a superhero, which superhero would it be and why?


7.   What aspect of (Cloud Computing/Big Data/ Consumerization) are you most excited about in the future, and what excites you about it?


Stay tuned for the first post in this series.