BMC Software has completed the first phases of the company-wide operational review that we announced in January.


Fundamentally an outside-in evaluation of our business, we looked closely at how our customers buy, deploy and use our solutions today, and how they are likely to do so in the future. We also sought the views of partners and industry thought leaders.


A key message rapidly became clear: our customers want to see much stronger integration between our product groups as well as in our global go-to-market approach.


We agree with these perspectives.


In response, BMC is moving to increase the level of integration within our company, including:


  • A single Solutions team spanning five product lines:  Service Support, Data Center Automation and Cloud Management, Workload Automation, Performance and Availability, and Data Management.


  • A single Support organization offering integrated, cross-solution assistance to customers.


  • A single Global Marketing organization driving the company's go-to-market efforts as “one BMC.”


  • A single Sales organization segmented into four customer categories: showcase accounts, strategic and GOSI accounts, enterprise accounts and small-and-medium business (SMB) accounts.


BMC will be providing more details regarding these moves, including the impact of these changes and overall FY14 guidance, at our Q4FY13 earnings call.  The timing of that call will be announced in the near future.