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Matt Reinfeldt posted 6 years ago
Staying so busy w/ changing project requirements that I have no time to "play" anymore!  Anyone else experiencing the same thing?


  • LJ LongWing

    LJ LongWing Champion 6 years ago

    Play time is limited based on project requirements....but you always gotta find time for yourself...
  • Matt Reinfeldt 6 years ago

    can't dispute that... but sometimes I'm just brain-drained by EOB.... need to somehow make time during the day... just haven't figured out how to do that when averaging 6 hours of calls/day.... plus actual work!  :)
  • Matt Laurenceau

    Matt Laurenceau Employee 6 years ago

    Crazy, isn't it? I make most of my meetings with friends from Florida/Texas/Cali between 3pm and 9pm my time, my brain is a mess a that time!