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Melanie Jansen posted 5 months ago
BMC Helix Remedy may be great but due to containerised objects certain customisations simply cannot be done as they affect all other clients.


  • Matt Laurenceau

    Matt Laurenceau Employee 5 months ago

    Thanks Melanie for sharing. Heads-up to Seth Paskin
  • Seth Paskin

    Seth Paskin Employee 5 months ago

    Hi Melanie Jansen Can you give me a little more context around your comment?
  • Melanie Jansen

    Melanie Jansen 5 months ago

    Hi Seth Paskin Sure. We are in the process of migrating a client to Helix and there have been a few requests to make customisations that cannot be done via Dev Studio or DWP's Admin Console. These requests have been denied on the basis that they cannot be sustained in a container based environment. 
    I totally understand this but having worked, for many years, on Remedy systems that are on premises, being able to customise just about anything I need to, the denial after denial was becoming frustrating.