Raju Singh
Hi Experts, Need to improvement of reporting in BNA tools. Need to show command results in the body of the email text instead of link or pdf file. right now BMC BNA are generating PDF,HTML and…
Meeta Lalwani
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Jereomy Schulz
Right now if a user is in more than 1 Role then they get the Cumulative permissions of both Roles.  Our internal Audit requirements are that a user can only see the devices/jobs/compliance that they…
Prashant Dhingra
Hi. We are adding couple of new network management stations ( NMS ) in our environment which will poll the end devices as well as recieve traps. Currently all SNMP devices have ACL configured to… (Show more)
Seth Paskin
Calendar year 2019 This is the 2019 calendar for the TrueSight Best Practices Webinar series. [If you are looking for past webinars, scroll down] Webinars take place every other Wednesday at 10am…
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Bala Dengale
Hi Team,   Any one aware if there is support or way to automate Network devices through Cisco APIC SDN controller?   If not supported OOTB, What should be best way to automate this?   Thanks, Bala… (Show more)
Wayne Duke
As I was looking for support for the device, I noticed that there were already four idea requests out there. So, I put links to them all right here in this message. Currently there is no network…
Eddard Romero
Hello,   Is it possible to perform the Deploy OS Image span function for Alcatel devices using BNA?   The manual upgrade process is shown below:   Prior to upgrade:   rm *tmp.1.err rm… (Show more)
Meeta Lalwani
Hello Network Experts,   Thank you for using TrueSight Network Automation and continuously providing valuable feedback. As the product manager for TrueSight Network Automation, I keep on getting…
K.Ashok kumar Reddy
Hi All,     IS BPPM supports Network Devices.   I have uploaded Cisco UCS knowledge modules but in that i am not able to monitor cisco routers and switches.   Is there any seperate module for… (Show more)
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