Wanfeng Wang
Hi all, is there any place to record and view the operator's log in the BNA8.6 ?   Thanks,
Leonid Markoglo
Hello Everyone,   Is there anyone who has these devices and/or created a device adapter for it?  We have four of these devices and are trying to back them up, but unable to.  I wanted to submit the…
Nayeem Mohammed
Hello Communities,   Cisco provided the Software Defined Network Capabilities. Does TSNA have or supports similar capabilities?   Thank you.
Jeremy Bragg
We have a number of VPN concentrators.  Whenever we put one in, we put a secondary.  We want to be able to create a scheduled report (policy) that will email a device comparison of the running config…
Jeremy Bragg
Does anyone know of a CLI that I can pass in a folder and job name and it will return the job type?  I am working on a script to automate some job creations from template jobs.  The jobs can be… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Sandeep Singh
IBRSD stands for “Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk” ·         It enables us to create tickets on the Remedy Service Desk in 2 ways: When an event is created on the cell, via an BMC Impact…
Chaitanya Gokhale
Team, It has been observed that the Options method has been enabled on the web server. This HTTP method provides unrequired information about the web server and its configuration, possibly giving…
Esteban Chamorro
Hi all, Someone knows if Cisco Firepower is supported in BNA Version b000 u011 [hotfix19]?   regards
Rajat Saxena
Looking forward to the support for Cisco Viptela device support in TNA, below are the standard Span actions which might be useful for managing the devices   Commit Deploy OS Image Deploy to…
Meeta Lalwani
I am super excited to announce the release of a new version of TrueSight Network Automation 8.9 Service Pack 4 a.k.a 8.9.04. Here are the highlights for this release:   Multi-Server Administration… (Show more)
Thomas Stiefel
We switched over from Cisco Nexus 1000v (which is running out of support) to vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). Every thing is working fine, but today I ran into a problem while cleaning up our QA… (Show more)
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