Bob Ellington
Working on JIRA integration, planning upgrade to 20.02 from 19.08, deigning new workflow to automate creation/update of Cisco WebEx accounts, and designing new workflow for custom data related to CMDB CI's created by BMC Discovery.
Matt Laurenceau
Client Management 2020 Leaderboard, year to date. Bravo La France! (and of course all other Leaders too)  (^_-) Julien Devienne Fabien Carmagnolle Lionel ROCHA Gabriel Andrey   Fabrice Creton
    Matt Laurenceau
    Welcome at BMC Luis Vieira! You'll love the Control-M community.
    Matt Laurenceau
    Great Communities username Prakash Hemchand ! (^_-) Is "ordonnanceur", a French name, used in many places?
    Jose Leon
    18.05 fun.
    Prasad g
    How to get the latest dump of CIs from ADDM which are belongs to particular company with attributes like CPU, RAM, Memory, web service, DB and so on...
    Bayu Al Fajri
    Rene Demers
    just joined the community
    Oleksii Bykov
    Working with TrueSight Orchestrator, TSSA, and Remedy ITSM Change  Management Integration. Also, working with Synthetic Monitor. Studying BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
    Daniel Bloom
    Waiting for projects to restart. Stay well everyone
    rodrigo barcat
    Grupo Moura  - BMC Software Take a look at my last project! Success!!!!! Up²&Away
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