Tully Krastins
Just a note of thanks to all the Control-M community for sharing your questions, thoughts and suggestions. A gold mine in  the knowledge desert!
Keith Bonin
Getting into the community as I get Remedyforce configured and implemented.  Looking forward to working with everyone!
Jason Miller
I am a lucky boy. I was fortunate enough to have dinner with the wonderful Matt Laurenceau last night. Thanks Matt for spending the evening chatting with me. Great conversation!
Matt Laurenceau
Vishnu Nair, it's a pleasure to interact with you and create exponential successes. Thanks a bunch for being You! https://media.giphy.com/media/oGO1MPNUVbbk4/giphy...
Matt Laurenceau
Amazing work Puja Kumari, thanks for mastering how technology can help experience of hundreds of thousands of people every month!  GIF-
Matt Laurenceau
Ron Coleman, you are featured on pix from Ross Cochran (^_-) I spotted Kim Wharton too. Who else is here?
Matt Laurenceau
Great speaking with you today Greg Michael ! I was impressed that you manage both  https://communities.bmc.com/inbox and https://communities.bmc.com/news, with Email being a secondary technology used.
Dieter Bertram
Finally no custom build - working on ITSM 19.02
Paul Wilk
My manger has tasked me with what tickets each tech has opened, worked, closed.  I have come across this command on youtube, but need to tweek it to each one specific user, per day and per week.  Any command customization guru’s able to help?   ‘status*’ = ”resolved” AND (‘last resolved date’ >= “9/9/19” AND ‘last resolved date’ <= “9/13/19”)   THIS IS TO SHOW all tickets with status resolved from 9/9 to 9/13 only.
Christopher Landers
Any ideas on how to create a report that shows the Queue a ticket originated from?
Matt Laurenceau
Happy Anniversary on BMC Communities Helen Krizek-Yost, 9 years (and 1 day now) 
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