Vikas Mahamuni
Back to communities as a BMC Employee. Earlier associated as a consultant -  Vikas Mahamuni
Nicolas Cenciarini
Discovery Helix
Steve Gibbs
Special shout out to the BMC Client Management R&D team. Responsive to customer needs and always willing to satisfy customer requirements when able.  A Great team!
Bruno Pires
Hi, How can i have access to the space Partner Pricing for EMEA? thanks Bruno Pires
Yuxin Xu
I would like to get some feedbacks from this community regarding the latest version of Control-M v9.0.19 hosted on Linux platforms more specifically on RHEL v7.x. The question is about Pros and Cons of Physical Linux Server VS Virtual Linux Server(VMware) that hosts BMC Control-M v9.0.19.
Frederic DHUEZ
Aamir Mukhtar
Does anyone know if there is TPL writing IDE? 
Lew Rompala
Trevor Abell
Still waiting for the Software management update. :)
Jimmy T
Hello, we are using BMC lient management v12.8 . I like to access/patch clients in different vlans. Is there a way? I get error message "Device not reachable" Your help is much appreciated.
Bruce Heckler
Wasted enough time on this.  Is this web post short enough now? 
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