Matt Laurenceau
hey Amish Sharma, interesting picture! I see you've met Vishal Raskar already, great. You finding what you want on BMC Communities? What's your next step?
Holly Mullins
ITSM really stands for Infinitely Technical, Slightly Magical
mohammed ghandi
Hello, is there a midtier demo i can login of  ?
Saroj Sahu
The Five fours caught my attention :) :) :)
    Daryl Ross
    Looking into Summer 19 features
    Ed Hafertepe
    looking to update BMC Db2 Utilities from RSL1809
    Noahal M
    Learning how to use TSCO
    Jas Banwait
    How can I get a newer version of BMC Atrium/Remedy (AR) SDK from Gradle build? Currently it is "com.bmc:arapi81:1.0".
    Stefano Del Pizzo
    Matt Laurenceau
    Ohh, New avatar for LJ LongWing? (^_-)
    Carl Wilson
    Working on secret squirrel stuff ...
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