Eduard Cipes
Hello,   my question relates to the approvals. The problem is that i would like to create a approval which expects the approve from two supportgroups, each supportgroup include 3 supporter. The… (Show more)
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Rajeev Patel
Remedy 9.x/18.x is written in Java. One of the features that was introduced was to avoid sending literal values in Remedy SQL statements as was the case in 8.x and prior versions.   The statement is… (Show more)
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Vishnu Nair
All ideas need to be created under respective Product community.   …
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Matt Laurenceau
What podcasts do you prefer? (work related, to start with)
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Matt Laurenceau
Great speaking with you today Greg Michael ! I was impressed that you manage both and, with Email being a secondary technology used.
Dieter Bertram
Finally no custom build - working on ITSM 19.02
Amol Kotwal
Hello Experts,   We are planning to on-board network devices from Entuity to TSNA through import job.   In import job we provide below hard coded Entuity URL:-  … (Show more)
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