Bharath Kumar Chitrala
BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 19.02 license will expire by the end of this year 2019-12-31.   There is a separate license file for Smart Reporting 19.02 and it can be applied following steps below:… (Show more)
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Marek Ceizel
We found several problems in the latest release 19.08 DWP/DWPC:   Navigation issue when clicking on multiple anchors within a knowledge articles Dynamic menus are not correctly refreshed when…
Jonathan Baggett
Hello,   I would like to remove the 'Reopen' option in the service request details in Smart IT. This button only shows if the request has moved to a completed status. I tried the steps listed at… (Show more)
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Rob Gilbert
I'm trying to figure out when the AR_ESCALATOR moves tickets from Resolved to Closed. I can't find it in the documentation. I assume this is something that the admins configure but I'm not having any… (Show more)
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Cosmina Florentina Rinciog
In DWP, a comment box should appear whenever the end-user wants to cancel a ticket to add the reason why they want to cancel it.   Current situation, end user can cancelled the ticket in DWP without…
D Mulyono
Hi, Want to ask, why the date format from MyIT is change when received at SRM:Request, Incident, or WorkOrder please see the screenshot below:   MyIT form: Start Date: 08/14/2019 End Date:… (Show more)
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Marco Fraundorf
A blacklist is already available in config.json (blockedAttachmentFormats), IMO it is not the optimal solution for operation, because there are so much extensions available and we want to restrict…