Ash Hall
Within Digital Workplace, when filling out the fields of a complex Service/SRD it is not always clear which required fields have been missed, the 'Submit request' button is disabled until all…
Jagdeep Tiwana
We cannot pass a NULL value into AROutput step of an integration. Currently In UDM code, keyword is considered as string by AROutput and there is no conversion happening on client side. Please…
D Mulyono
Hi, Want to ask, why the date format from MyIT is change when received at SRM:Request, Incident, or WorkOrder please see the screenshot below:   MyIT form: Start Date: 08/14/2019 End Date:… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace
Marie Pfautsch
If a support staff send a email to the end user via public work log with attachments, only the information is displayed in the email. The end user can only view the attachments in DWP.   It would be…
Marie Pfautsch
When displaying the "My Activity" page in DWP, all requests are displayed under "Past events", depending on the date of the last change. Especially for users who create a lot of requests this leads…
Bharath Kumar Chitrala
BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 19.02 license will expire by the end of this year 2019-12-31.   There is a separate license file for Smart Reporting 19.02 and it can be applied following steps below:… (Show more)
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Marek Ceizel
We found several problems in the latest release 19.08 DWP/DWPC:   Navigation issue when clicking on multiple anchors within a knowledge articles Dynamic menus are not correctly refreshed when…
Jonathan Baggett
Hello,   I would like to remove the 'Reopen' option in the service request details in Smart IT. This button only shows if the request has moved to a completed status. I tried the steps listed at… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM