Thomas Hammer
BMC has decided to use the Submit Date as  the default date qualification field to determine the age of a record to be archived. See following screen shot a s an example   What is the reason for… (Show more)
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Stefan Hall
We wanted to use the archive function for the first time and are surprised how little practical the design is. After a little research here in the community it becomes clear that we are not alone.…
Tamara Ehmoser
Hi! We have the following request for Knowledge Management in Smart IT:   Let's assume I'm working on an Incident in Smart IT and I know that there is an external Knowledge Article available for…
Alok Dewhare
Hi Team,   Need suggestion on this.   DWP 19.05   Use case,   1) Login to DWP 2) Click on Catalog and open the Request screen shot attached,   3) I have added the text in the field 4) I will… (Show more)
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Rodney Harris
Unlike SRM it seems that MyIT doesn't have the option to save a request in draft prior to submission. If there are a lot of questions in a request and the submitter can't supply all the information…
Michael Gould
Don't mean to start a flame war BUT why is 19.11 (ARS, ITSM, Smart IT) only available for SaaS customers.  Although DWP 19.11 is available for OnPrem.   As an OnPrem customer, this release strategy… (Show more)
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