Edson Martins
Hi Matheo, I got connection now. Thanks for your help I've tried to use the client, but instead to use the server name, I've connected the IP with the Port, so I did the same in Java, use the IP with…
in BMC Remedy AR System
Dawn Satkowski
Here's the BMC Engage 2014 Week at a Glance Agenda!  A high level look at what you can expect during the conference.
in BMC Engage
Hello Everbody,   please excuse me. My english is very very bad and the following Question too ? : I try to create BIRT-Reports to replace my Crystal-Reports. I try to add my BIRT-Reports to the…
in BMC Remedy
William Olivieri
According to Developer Studio, the Save Definition Files flag in the Server Information form is defined as:     According to the Configuration Guide, the Save Definition Files flag (in the ar.cfg…
in BMC Remedy
Eugen Cotiga
Hello,   I am using the java API 7.6 to update the company region and site for some CIs. I am using the following functions to query and then to update the CI:   public void…
in BMC Remedy AR System
bruno agostinho
Hi   I've a user who is receiving the 9201 error during the log in process. I've got Active Directory Integration configured in my system hence all the users rely on their AD credentials to log in…
in BMC Remedy AR System
azeyad NameToUpdate
Hi,   Is there away not to delete the history of the browser after doing midtier flush ?
in BMC Remedy AR System
Eugen Cotiga
Hello guys,   I have the following situation: When i reconcile a people the site region are not updated. After i put debug on the reconcile system i saw that the system is not taking in…
in BMC Atrium CMDB
Michael Aligbe
Hello All,   Top of the day.   We have just installed  ITSM 8.1.01. We noticed that anytime we want to progress a Change request from the Draft stage we get the error:   Form does not exist on…
in Change and Release
Laurent Matheo
Happy Easter everyone ^_^   Today nothing too fancy, no... nononono, don't be too       It's just a little something that doesn't really have its place in a blog, because not really technical or…
in Laurent Matheo's blog posts
Pankaj Jadhav
Hi All,   We have a requirement where we need to Localize the SRD completely as per the User's Locale. Inshort, the Questions that get displayed to the end user while submitting the request should…
in BMC Remedy AR System
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