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Merry X-Mas and happy new year folks




I hope 2016 will be smashing

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Happy new year 2015 guys





And see you next time here


Oh yeah... and don't forget the first year resolutions, in case you didn't gave them up already


Enjoy ^_^

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If you attented my breakout during last Engage about "Extending your ARS World with Java C++ and Javascript", you know I promised that in the slides you would find links to videos and source codes for all examples I presented before you:


I've been told that the links were not visible and complete in the pdf you can download from Engage website.

I contacted the BMC Engage team to see if it was possible to update my presentation with the latest one (you have the slide where all the links above).


In the meantime, if you downloaded it and couldn't find the links / source code, please contact me and I'll forward the links to you.


Enjoy your week end




The resource is only available if you attented BMC Engage 2014.

Sorry folks, you had to be there

Laurent Matheo

[NYF] Wind of change...

Posted by Laurent Matheo Moderator Sep 20, 2014
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For once it won't be a technical "NYF" but more of "update" one.


As you might know, I have the chance to work on ITSM for 4 years now, with Artesys and then Capgemini (when Capgemini bought Artesys).

Before that, I was a "classic" developer (PHP, C++, Windev, whatever is used to code on earth excluding some).

So switching to ITSM was a career change and a new challenge, that (it seems) went ok so far


At that time, Vincent Riedweg told me about BMC Community and I came around, lurking and leeching as I indeed found it as a real valuable source of information where people would genuinely share.

(Later on I discovered Arslist, but that's another story ^_^).

A couple of years later, I tried to share the knowledge and experience I was building and I ended up to the status of "serial spammer" as some might say


And here we are, 4 years later, at another crossroad where I part ways with Capgemini to join... BMC as a Consultant

Another opportunity, yet another big challenge.


So this blog post isn't a good bye, but a way to say that I will continue to share or help (or spam), as before.

My "spamming" on the community began way before joining BMC and will continue that way



See you around



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Hello everyone


It's been a long time since my last blog entry and it's time for a bit of love for a change



Today's blog post is about a question asked by Leandros Filippiadis in the threadHow can I load Departments in Impacted Areas CI tab - bulk mode

The question in itself was interesting, but the way around was even more fascinating for me.


If you remember, I already made two blog posts about UDM, the feature that replaces DMT into ITSM 8.x versions and that relies in Atrium Integrator.

(If you want more details on UDM, please check those two blog posts).



I°) At first:

So the idea in the thread was to import a spreadsheet with the right information into the form "AST:Impacted Areas":





And that's what I explained in the thread How can I load Departments in Impacted Areas CI tab - bulk mode.




II°) So why this blog post?:

Something was missing... Since when I began working on UDM and modifying OOTB transformations:

  • I've heard "you should copy the job"
  • and I always replied "ok... And how do you that, and how do you get your copy into UDM?" ,
  • and the answer was "it's easy, but I don't have time atm..."


So well... Documentation didn't really help, community too, so well...



So the problem wasn't the Atrium Integrator job duplication (in Spoon), but rather how to make UDM, in ARS, see your job...


But this time I decided that it wasn't enough , and I decided to look at it.


Surprisingly, it went quite easily and here is a video that just shows from the start the whole process:

  • The idea is to import data into ARS form "AST:Impacted Areas",
    • so I'll use an Atrium Integrator job that will load a spreadsheet into the form,
    • so I create the excel file,
  • I duplicate an existing Atrium Integrator job and its transformation,
    • I modify the copied transformation,
    • I modify the copied job (which calls the transformation)
  • I declare the new AI job into UDM do UDM can use it,
  • I create an UDM job to use my Excel file and the new AI job,
  • It works



And here is the video with the full process


So using the same philosophy, you could duplicate an existing BMC OOTB job (to upload fondation, or CIs...), make your own AI job and your own UDM job.



Everyone will be happy ever after

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Happy Easter everyone ^_^



Today nothing too fancy, no... nononono, don't be too





It's just a little something that doesn't really have its place in a blog, because not really technical or "ITIL / Process / Fancy" enough though maybe it could be interesting for some people.



I°) Context:

Soooo the context is that in this thread (Need to Localize SRD-Questions in SRM 8.1) someone asked "How to Localize SRD Questions in SRM 8.1" (Title says it all).


Of course the short answer is "RTFM" (please?) since there is a whole section on this:


Now, of course, it's not mandatory, if you're a cute pink pony



And most of the time, I would stop here because it's enough...



II°) SRM? A never ending story...:

Sooo why isn't it finished? Well... Because SRM, when you discover it, is like a Russian Nested Doll, filled with explosives and booby trapped



Why? Because in order to do a simple Service Request (creating an Incident and just asking for "first name, last name, gender") and if you follow the book you'll have to:


So when you try to explain SRM, most of the time the reaction is this one: toby-screaming.gif.


Actually when you think about it, it makes sense, though it's true that it's not really intuitive (and I didn't speak of CAI and underlying forms yet...). You have to think "backwards", what you need implies what you need to setup.

III°) Anyway, it's not the matter here :

The matter is, ok, you created your Service Request, questions in English, cool, then your Manager comes to you and say:

"remember our boss new wife? You know she's French right? Ok, so well, the Boss wants the Service Catalog to be in French now."


And you're there...

"Hummm, I just managed to create one SRD and now... That? Dude..."


But here BMC did the things good because the idea beneath it is "quite" simple and easy to understand.

The main idea is to, first, create the "standard" version of the objects (AOT, PDT, SRD) and then "make" a version of it in the other locale (French here).

Though to avoid typing everything twice, most of the time you just need to:

  1. Create the object (which has locale set to "null"),
  2. Adding French Locale (4 clicks, give or take),


So overall in our process:

  1. Create Navigational Categories,
  2. Create an AOT (to generate the Incident),
  3. Create a PDT (to embed the AOT),
  4. Create a SRD (to call the PDT and have questions),


The tricky part is actually in the SRD.

The "easy" way is to do it totally in English (questions, mappings...), then add the "French" version and then translating the questions.



So well, if you managed to come here unarmed (congratulations), here is a small "quick & dirty" video to show you the whole process:




See you around

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After the "NYF" (Not Yet Friday), here comes the "Not Yet April Fools"



Once upon a time, a team of French ITSM Consultants Principal Technicians, with a wide experience on ITSM, ADDM and coding dark arts, were invited to Poland to share their knowledge and Wisdom to Assets workshops.


Their area of expertise?

  •   A project manager, with more than 10 years of expertise in BMC ITSM (Yoda N.),
  •   A CMDB expert, a grumpy giggling "Asset is not CMDB" boy (Grumpy B.),
  •   An ADDM master, serene and cunning guy (Calm D.),
  •   And your humble servant, as a professional "20 years of experience so dude, just f**** write your error trapping code or I'll smash your head" developer (Angry L).,


The A-Team was called by their abroad colleagues to help them strike a treacherous Asset migration.



And so we all left, on a beautiful parisian morning (yeah, we do have sun sometimes in Paris) and we joined at the airport. By an interesting wink of destiny, we left the first of April... Oh boy... We should have known better



When we arrived to the airport, we had the "surprise" to see that the Germany flight company (Lufthansa) displayed flyers and "nice" panels everywhere saying stuff about "Fired" everywhere



As surprising at it might be, a german company would be on strike from the second of April until the next friday. The problem? Our flight back was the second of April and of course, our flights got cancelled last minute

Anyway, the A Team could left their colleagues in disarray and we took our plane anyway and arrived in Poland.


So we tried, at first, to go on by ourselves. At the Airport, the lufthansa people prooved themselves to be "uncooperative"

"Yes we do have a flight for the second, leaving Warsow at 4PM... But we have no way to send you from Krakow to Warsaw... Did you consider taking a bus?"



Straight to the hotel, we tried to devise a "cunning plan" to ensure our safe return to our homeland.



So, we connected, our hearts full of hope and joy, blessing our fates having a 140 000 people Company travel portal having our back

Or so we thought, and boy oh boy, we were so wrong once again ... Because we were the 1st of April and fate decided to play a little joke on us

System was haywire.... Meaning the mighty portal was... down


We went to the hotel desk to secure the hotel at least:

"Sorry sir, hotel is fully booked"



So back to the room we called directly the travel agency, finally finding their number (thanks to our fairy LG who wisely stayed in France... Laughing ).

After a quite long chat with a charming lady (really), we ended up with a backup plan. Staying another night (changing hotel in the process) and booking another flight.


End of story? Well... For now We're still there, but with a backup strat.


So well, a little piece of advice... Don't leave home the first of April... Stay at home and get plastered



Lovely yours, the "A Team" (Away Team).

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Hi hello all!


I hope you're not Broncos fans because yesterday's Super Bowl must have been "quite" painful...



Anyyyyyywayyyyy, this NYF is "nerd intended"






ARInside is a very cool software that can detail and describe the objects within your ars server, then you can browse the objects using a standard web browser


You can see this blog post for more details (ARInside Automation).



I made a modification to arinside to add a functionality I needed.







This is something I'm working those last days since my company decided not to give me some work to do , mainly to check how arinside was coded, and I had a small idea.

Sometimes I just wanted to see and document one form or a couple of forms or objects (acl, filters...) and, well... arinside is always "full" and takes a while. Migrator takes a while (at least took it's been a while I didn't test it).

When I checked arinside I saw that there was a "blacklist" functionnality but it's not really user friendly it needs to be a packing list and to list all objects you don't want to see... When you only want one object that could prove to be difficult

And I think it's not working very good anyway, if you remove all forms but one in the packing list, so one form remains and it'll crash because it needs the schema list for all other objects (assertion error).



So what?

So I thought about doing a "whitelist". Basically I would list in a simple text file what would be exported actually, for example a couple of active links, and forms.

This way it should be much faster to render and in those cases you don't really care of the whole layout and relationships, just to get the details of the objects.

This was done especially for the overlays, to see the difference between the base and the overlay for example.



Whitelist, how?

In the "settings.ini" I added a "WhiteList" parameter asking for a filename (for example "whitelist.ini") that respects this format:


<object type>=<object name>

<Object type> beeing:

form, acl, filter, charm, container, escalation, img

<Object name> is the object name, but case sensitive.


It also automatically discards whatever is commented by "#"


Example of "whitelist.ini":

#Hello this is a comment

form=HPD:Help Desk #this is also a comment.

form=CHG:Infrastructure Change






If "WhiteList" parameter isn't in settings.ini or is empty, the WhiteList functionnality will be off and you'll have your plain old vanilla arinside.

If you give a filename, only the objects listed in the whitelist will be fully detailed, perhaps with relationships, but those relationships won't be detailed (or will be if they are in the whitelist);

If you enter a form, views and fields will be fully detailed.

So if you do just this:


form=HPD:Help Desk


That means that form "HPD:Help Desk" will be fully documented (form, views, fields, overlays), but you won't have any active links, filters and so on.

As you didn't enter any active links (for example), the active link list will be empty and no active link will be documented or even listed.




I used arinside 3.0.4 source code and coded a "whitelist". I'll add more details when the code will be on svn.

I tried to adapt as much as possible and change nothing, adding a new "whitelist" class and a couple of code, not changing anything to existing code to preserve arinside.

Clearly the "whitelist" has never been thought when coding arinside and the logic behind the code made it slower than it could have been. For example you have to load the whole schema list, "just in case" because it's the basis.

You also have to get most of the details even if you don't use them.



To do?

For now it's a "cruel" whitelist, meaning that if no activelinks are listed in the whitelist, no activelink will be loaded, hence you wouldn't see the relationships.

I guess there could be a mode where you list forms and see relationships for the form, but that could prove to be quite hard, seeing how arinside is coded.




Hopefully I'll be done with testing by the end of this week and I'll release it through an svn. I'll try to contact John Luthgers (jls17) to see if he's interested and I'll give him the svn anyway.



Where to get the source code?

It's available in a public GIT:

lmame / arinside whitelist — Bitbucket



How to build it?

I'm working on Windows right now, so you'll need MS Visual Studio 2008, so only its "solution" has been updated with the "whitelist" class:

-> lists/WhiteList.h,

-> lists/WhiteList.cpp,

Shouldn't be too hard to adapt / add those two files for other OS, I kept the same logic so should be linux / windows / whatever friendly



Binary and example:

Get everything you need from the "/release/" folder here:

Everything is setup there.





To output this (so only those are fully detailed):

form=HPD:Help Desk

form=CHG:Infrastructure Change













It took 73 seconds (see "Demo.7z" for the output).

Laurent Matheo

Happy New Year ^_^

Posted by Laurent Matheo Moderator Dec 31, 2013
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Bye bye 2013, welcome 2014




2013 was overall a good year, I hope 2014 will be a good one


Hummm what could I swear this year? Quitting smoking, nah, I don't smoke. quitting drinking? Nah I don't drink that much.

Quitting playing video Games... Hell no!


So well... Let's not promise anything, biggest disappointments come from dearest friends and since I'm my dearest friend, I intend to keep staying friend with myself as long as possible so weeeelllll, let's wait & see 2014



What would say Duke Nukem or Dirty Harry? Yeah I know...

Feel lucky 2014? Come get some.

Laurent Matheo

Happy Xmas everyone ^_^

Posted by Laurent Matheo Moderator Dec 24, 2013
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Happy Xmas everyone


I hope you were all nice this year?



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Sometimes, working as an ITSM consultant is already hard enough.

I mean, customer environment can be tough, you have to do work in a short timeframe, there can be politics, but hey, that's what we signed for and actually it's often interesting and keeps the blood pumping

But you try to give your best for your customer because you "like" your work or you try to be "proud" of what you do or it's because it's who you are.

You don't like to do crap.



Though sometimes it's just too much... Goddamn it _e0e5d45c5d2103a3c67d84e9095155e4.png


I just looked at an answer sent by our pre sales / bid managers to a customer...

They just managed, in 52 pages and 11000 words, to generate around 100 grammar / spelling errors...

Even in their own names and in our very own company name



When I see something like that somehow I just feel disgusted / discouraged...

  • Can you imagine the impact this has on the customer when you send something that poorly done?
  • I mean, what is the image they have on our company when you can't even spell correctly your own very sorry company name?
  • Can you imagine how it undermines the technical work done by consultants on the proposition (figures, architecture...)?

480-0b6a1219f5f284efef22ba652ed751b91c37fe53.gifThey even managed to do a screenshot of a contract as an example... And one word in the screenshot is underlined in green, so MS Word was screaming "Here dammit, there is an error here, just correct it"!sure_target_2_error.PNG.pngBtw, those 100 errors I spoke about, those are only the ones picked up by Microsoft word spelling / grammar check. Might be others.So what does that mean?

  • That they are too dawn lazy to launch Word Spelling software and spend 5 minutes browsing a document to secure a "xxx" thousand dollars contract?
  • That they don't like their work?
  • They don't care at all?

Those guys earn twice the money my colleagues and I have manage to earn...


I just want to hang myself right now...

What about some respect? Even Self-Respect?


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