JCP Remedy
Hi All, We have requirement to integrate BMC Remedy application with JIRA tool to create issues in the JIRA project via JIRA REST API's. So we have to consume JIRA REST API from remedy and create… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Michael Vincent Condez
just a thought, though not sure if there is anything out right now... would be happy to have a mobile app version of our BMC Community...
in Using Communities
Ramanee Samal
Many times while working in ITSM integration/customization we have requirements to zip all the attachments added to an incident or change or to any of the application request. BMC OOTB do not provide… (Show more)
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Yuliya Melikhova
The title says it all. How to get user's info from returned Access token? We are in an enviroment 19.08. Can I get it from the opaque (short hex string) token?   Thank you!
in Remedy AR System
By 07/02/2020, Remedy Product Development team analyzed compatibility of "Amazon Corretto 11" with Remedy. Thus, "Amazon Corretto 11" support for Remedy would fall into ‘unconfirmed…
Warren Spear
Hi, I have an escalation that I only want to run between 10PM and 3AM fro example. Once it runs it only sets a "." into a field to trigger the modify to transaction. To do this I created 2 timestamp… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Gregory Gunn
Is there a way to find all the users/groups and roles within the system in one report?  I can check through the system admin - through authorizations individual or group but would like to know if… (Show more)
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Kenji Tinga
This happened after trying to configure LDAP Authentication in BMC Remedy (version 7.6). After restarting the servers, we found out that one of our Active Links' was modified (the Modified Date did… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Dercio Mnisi
hi guys, I hope this discussion finds all in good spirit. I have been recently promoted, and I have been posed with a challenge by my Line Manager. Our Remedy DB is growing exponentially, at a… (Show more)
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