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Creating a visual indicator (e.g. Flag), based on Category selected on a ticket, to highlight them in the Remedyforce Console


I would propose that you create a new field on Incident Object, of type Formula (Text), and when a certain Category is selected by the Service Desk Agent on the Incident Form, a red flag will display against the ticket in the Incident Form, and also in the list view of tickets.


New Field in Incident Object – of Type (Formula > Text)


Formula: Copy and paste into the Formula Field – amend the Category Name in the “ “ for your own Org.  I have created the formula like I have, as I thought you may have multiple Categories that could be selected where you wish the agents to work on the ticket quickly.


IF(AND ( ( BMCServiceDesk__Category_ID__c  ) ="Building Access" ), IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_red.gif", "red"),


IF(AND( ( BMCServiceDesk__Category_ID__c  ) ="Email"), IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_red.gif", "red"),


IF(AND( ( BMCServiceDesk__Category_ID__c  ) ="Email Storage"), IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_red.gif", "red"), '')))


Add new field to the following Field Sets in Incident Object:


Incident Field Set.jpg

Column Headers – you can then add the new field to your list view of tickets  :List View of Tickets button.jpg


Urgent Flag.JPG


Consule – Status and Priority – you can see the Flag in the Incident Form


Status and Priority.jpg

I also created a report and added it to a Dashboard, so I could see the number of ‘Urgent’ flagged tickets I have open:


Dashboard for Important Flagged tickets.jpg

I hope this offers you a way to help manage these particular set of tickets.