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Do you need to move your existing Control-M environment to a new machine?


Would you like to automate and accelerate the procedure to keep your business running in the DR environment?


In this webinar Andrea Carmelli will explain the process and demonstrate how to speed up the procedure to restore the hostname and configuration data in the database during disaster recovery when moving to the stand-by environment or replacing the local hostname.


This is the link on YouTube for the recorded session:


Control-M 9.0 Rehost Procedures including DR - YouTube


Here is the Q&A for this webinar (Connect With Control-M: Control-M 9.0 Rehost Procedures including DR)




Q: Is it possible to do rehost of a Database to a different Database than the one using in the source environment? For example rehost of DB from SQL to Oracle?

A: It is possible to use the rehost between different database types when using the option DR. If the option reconf_db needs to be use to point the Control-M application to a different DB, then, it needs to be same DB type.



Q: With profile_name  parameter - is that needed when the DR server has a different name than the prod server?

A: The profile_name option is used in cases of cluster environments. When the Control-M installation is using the BMC_EM_PROFILE_NAME environmental variable, and, the profile name needs to be changed.



Q: Is it supported PG for DR rehost?

A: Yes, when using PG it is needed to use the parameter pg_existing yes. PG for DR is not supported with High Availability for Control-M/Enterprise Manager.



Q: Does this utility come bundled with the fix pack update?

A: Yes, for Control-M/Enterprise Manager fix pack 5 with pat 512 is the minimum requiremnt. For Control-M/Server, the minimum requirement is fix pack 4. 



Q: When using this new utility, if something goes wrong in the middle, is a rollback performed immediately?

A: There is no roll back, if the utility fails it won't perform any actions, the situation will remain as it was before running it. 



Q: Is this the same process no matter what OS and database I have in my environment?

A: Yes, the same process applies to any OS and DB supported by Control-M applications.



Q: When running the utility on the Control-M/Enterprise Manager do we need to run it from the Control-M/Enterprise Manager server or it can be executed from the Control-M/Enterprise Manager client machine too?

A: This utility needs to be executed from the Control-M/Enterprise Manager server. The Control-M/Enterprise Manager components need to be stopped.



Q: Will this same utility be used if I need to change an Oracle TNS name?

A: Yes, there is an option presented when running the utility that allows to change the TNS name and / or the port to connect to DB. The option for this is reconf_db



Q: Will all of this info be applicable for the new 9.0.18 version soon to be released?

A: Yes, this utility is included in the new 9.0.18 release.



Q: Is there a demo for the rehost Control-M/Server option?

A: No at this point. In any case, this is one of the options that the utility offers and can be executed as all the rest.



Q: Will this still work with Postgres

A: Yes. A demos for this scenario is available in article 000137739 (



Q: Cant the process be performed without bringing down the Prod server?  for testing.

A: No, the Control-M processes need to be stopped to use this utility.



Q: Can I get list of commands, what you have been performed or having in your note

A: Sure, the commands appear in the demo and can be taken from there. Also, from the option reconf_db, can be seen in the article 000137740 (



Q: We have Oracle database and we do replicate the Oracle database to our DR site. So If I install Control M on our DR server and use this restore_host_config command?

A: Yes, with the option -dr



Q: How do you keep constantly up to date the DR server with prod server

A: The synchronization between the databases can be achieve by using databases utilities such as always-on for MSSQL or DATAGARD for Oracle, replication etc.

Or, in case our databases are not being synchronized using DB utilities will be possible and have the same result using the Control-M utilities, such as "util" for Control-M/Enterprise Manager and "ctm_backup_bcp" for Control-M/Server to backup and restore the data.




Q: Does this utility resolve the issue where it took a very very long time to fall-back to primary from secondary after a fail-over?

A: Yes, actually, if the databases between the production and the Dr server are synchronized, then running the DR option of the rehost utility will make the DR identical as production quickly and automatically. 



Q: When I bring up the PR install to another host (DR), the naming service does not match the name of the DR host.  How to change the naming service?

A: The Naming server will be synchronized as well, the DR server will be updated and the Naming Server will match. It is also possible to verify it using orbconfigure after the change was done.Yes, the reconf_



Q: Can we use this utility to update/correct the host information if the database is refreshed from another database?

A: Yes, the reconf_db will be use to update the database connection details for the Control-M applications if there was a change performed or the Control-M applications need to connect to a different database server which has the Control-M schema identical to the previous one (same version and same fix pack level)