What’s your biggest mainframe expense? You may be surprised to learn that it’s usually your IBM monthly license charges (MLC) for software like z/OS, DB2, and CICS.


BMC can help you reduce MLC costs without cutting back on service. Over the past two years, BMC delivered a new product line directed at reducing your IBM MLC expenses. The response in the mainframe community has been tremendous. And I am now excited that we are delivering major enhancements that will allow mainframe shops around the world to reduce their IBM MLC bill even further. With version 2 of our leading MLC reduction products, you can save even more.


Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise (CAzE) – reduce MLC costs with simple batch changes

In many mainframe installations, batch workload drives the overall MLC expense. With CAzE version 2, you can drill down and see how specific batch jobs affect MLC costs. You can model the MLC impact of moving specific batch workloads to different timeframes – potentially resulting in significant reductions in MLC expenses.


Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise (iCap) – save more with cost-profile awareness

iCap version 2 is not just intelligent; it’s a genius! Traditional soft capping tools focus on adjusting group or LPAR capping limits to manage MSU availability across groups of LPARs. But because those tools are not sensitive to the MLC costs associated with each LPAR, soft capping changes could inadvertently increase MLC costs. But not with iCap version 2! It allows you to define a capping policy that is sensitive to LPAR-level MLC costs – avoiding unexpected increases in MLC expenses.


Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise (Subzero) – shrink MLC costs for MQ and IMS/TM

Subzero version 2 makes it easy to save money on MLC costs by enabling you to run IMS/TM and DB2 on different LPARs. You can also run DB2 and MQ on different LPARs – resulting in significant reductions in MLC expenses. As always, Subzero doesn’t require application code changes.


If you want to cut mainframe costs, start with CAzE, iCap, and Subzero version 2.