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in Remedy AR System
saksham gupta
I have bmc patrol central version 7.9.20 in our setup and Patrol explorer AAD of version 2.3.02. Alerts are showing on servers in patrol central console but those events are not showing in Patrol… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Jon Halseth
Trackit 2019 have an issue with (custom Purchase Order) in the field under Requestor Information > Email >'Requestor Email' data field where it displays the result " SMTP:{}" then… (Show more)
in Track-It!
Matt Laurenceau
Let me spin a common phrase... (of course, drink moderately)   Who (from Support Community or not) has something to say for Jesse Richardson?
in Off Topic
Sean Hutchison
How does Smart Reporting notify the administrator or user group listed in a failure notification when a broadcast fails? Is an email sent out?
in Remedy ITSM
Rodney West
Our end users do not close tickets because it says Cancel my work order instead of Close my work order. Can we adjust these fields to read correctly?
in Track-It!
Kyle Smithey
Is there a way to show the status of Work Orders (and the Tasks associated to the WO) on the REQ Details tab under 'Activity Log'? If someone adds a public note to the Work Order it will appear on… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Marco Schmitzer
Dashboard filters are discarded with each refresh (F5). The filter settings are not saved (out of the box).
Amy Potts
Trying to find a way to get the logs of user searches in our KB area. Looking to find what terms are being searched, which ones give back no results, etc.   Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
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