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John Schmidt posted 3 years ago
Track-It! 12 Question:  Will TI 12 allow us to keep Technicians in the STAF table but flag them as disabled to keep them from being displayed on the Assigned Technician drop down?    Having to delete technicians to keep them off the drop down is a poor process.


  • John Schmidt

    John Schmidt 3 years ago

    Has this question been answered?
  • Matt Laurenceau

    Matt Laurenceau Employee 3 years ago

    pinging Track-It! community members
  • Sridhar Sadhasivam

    Sridhar Sadhasivam Employee 3 years ago

    John Schmidt, yes you should be able to mark Technician(s) as inactive and all the inactive Technicians would be filtered automatically from all places. In fact the inactive option has been extended to almost all the records (Ticket, assignment, Requestor, etc)
  • Cris Coffey

    Cris Coffey Moderator 3 years ago

    Sorry it took so long for us to respond John but we didnt see the question in your status update. You will get a much quicker response by posting directly in the Track-It! Community here - Track-It!