Kaushik KM
Dear ALL,   we are trying to send events to IS. we have pushed IS variables to Patrol 10.7 and above agents, also we are able to see the agents being connected to the IS, which we can see in the… (Show more)
Prakash Vasudevarao
We have installed 4 pairs of integration services in HA mode (primary / secondary) defined by external network load balancer as INTSRV1.INFRA, INSTSRV2.INFRA, INTSRV3.INRA and INTSRV4.INFRA.   1.… (Show more)
Ahmed Bawaneh
Greeting gents   I would like to ask you if the Patrol Developer Console (aka Classic Console) is supported on Windows 10 ? We are upgrading our workstations to Windows 10 and I need to know if… (Show more)
Lilian Nunes de Carvalho
Could not start the BMC Patrol Agent service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.   When installing Patrol agent on a Windows 2000 server, the service is not doing… (Show more)
Alvaro Paronuzzi
Hello everyone,   I have some difficulties in understanding the meaning of the mc_smc_effects event slot. I could not find the description of this slot in the documentation, so a little help here… (Show more)
Hi Team,   We have a space issue on windows Patrol folder, So i want to delete unnecessary file, but i don't have an idea which files are delete, i found C:\Program Files(86)\BMC… (Show more)
Morgan Burket
Currently TSPS users login via authentication to ASSO, the max time that can be set before automatic logout is 14 days of continuous use or 7 days of idle time.  Whichever occurs first requires a new…
Isabelle Guitton
As you can see, Sentry Software, TrueSight Operations Mgmt|TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt 's users, so much ground has been covered since 2009!   Configuring Process MonitoringIn 2009 In 2019    … (Show more)
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