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MainView Infrastructure version 6.1 introduced several enhancements to better the experience of using MainView.  However, despite the Release Notes sent out with all new versions of MainView products, not everyone is always aware of the enhancements.  Well, here’s one that I bet you didn’t know about and that you’ll find to be as cool as I did.


I was experimenting with the featured enhancement of MVI61, namely the Threshold Advisor, when I had the pleasant surprise of stumbling on the Job Status (JOBSTAT) Views.  I was actually intending to use the View JSTAT from MainView for z/OS and I typed in JOBSTAT by mistake.




I found out that I could look at my SPOOLed job output using the MainView interface!  This is similar to SDSF and other JES SPOOL access tools, except that I don’t have to go into split screen and drive another utility to look at the various SYSOUT files.


Furthermore, JOBSTAT is not limited to just MVzOS. It is a feature of MV Infrastructure and can be accessed simply by issuing JOBSTAT as a primary command from within ANY MainView product.  I can even use JOBSTAT without even having to logon to TSO as I was using MainView Alternate Access on a dedicated console.


The Job Status Views (JOBSTAT and related JOBLSTO) list jobs and their various outputs residing on the spool.  Using the capabilities MainView, they can make use of filters on Owner or Job Name Prefix. And you can hyperlink and look at the output themselves.  I can even purge Jobs from the spool.


JOBSTAT lists all of my jobs from SPOOL and JOBLSTO is what you see when you hyperlink on a jobname. An ‘S’ line command works the same as a Select line command in SDSF.

A ‘DL’ line command works the same as the hyperlink from JOBSTAT or the ‘?’ line command in SDSF.


Furthermore all of these can be also invoked using MainView Explorer! Look at hte attached screen shot


There is as one would expect a security consideration.  As documented in the Help, “JOBSTAT enables you to display information about your own jobs. To display information about other jobs, TSO users, and started tasks, you must be granted access to those resources.” This a MainView security function that must be enabled separately and there in information about the the Job Status List resource definitions in the MainView Security Reference Manual.


So check it out…  What a nice productivity tool to have inside MainView!


I have attached some screen shots.