Leo van Oudheusden
In Integration Studio using Java example as below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ this.conf=cf; String… (Show more)
Peter Davenport
Hi,   I'm looking to find all the works used in all the Analysis Datamarts.   After our migration to the Presentation server there are a lot of redundant works so in an effort to tidy up I want to… (Show more)
Rajith Kottayi
Hello,   We recently received this error for scheduler for our BCO 10.0 environment   Scheduler reported an Out Of Memory issue BCO_SCH_FAIL002: [SolverManager] Error solving model Forecast of:… (Show more)
Atul Matkar
I am configuring BCO/TSCO 11.3 with LDAP but getting this error if i unchecked use TLS connection it passes.  Can someone please help ?
Sachin Aru
Hi All,         I have installed the BCO 9.0, I was able to access it  by using default credential admin/admin.   I restarted the BCO server, and while  logging was facing error BCO_WEB_WARN301:… (Show more)
Seth Paskin
This is the recording of the Migrating 10.x to 11.x Views in TrueSight Capacity Optimization event held on 9/26/2018. Thanks to Mike West for presenting. Hey, Matt Laurenceau, we had 30 attendees!  …
Ching Shen
I am new to Integration Studio, version 11.5 : My dataset showed it finds the datamart without issue, but the birt report viewer show 'table or view does not exist', what I did wrong? The query is… (Show more)
Craig kilo
Hello,   I was trying to export a sql datamart directly into a report.  Essentially it would look just like a datamart table, just in report form.    Does anyone have any advice if this is… (Show more)
VNBhavanishankar Nandula
Hi   We have TSCO 10.5 and in Hyper-v Overview View Can we get the Memory utilization data for all the Partitions as I can see only Total memory. Is it possible to include memory utilization in… (Show more)
Iven Marcano
In a VMWare virtual machine, why is the level of CPU utilization measured with the BPA agent different from that obtained by VMWARE?   the Virtual Machine has Windows 2008 (8 Cores) - The Host… (Show more)
Joby Joseph
Hi, I have a scenario regarding TSCO license: In my environment, I have a Hyper-V host with 7 VMs (3 are production and 4 are test). I have agents installed on the host and the 3 production VMs.… (Show more)
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