Leonardo Jose Sebba
I'm using Remedy 7.6.04 - Anyone done any validation javascript or has an example (. DEF) lock field to copy and paste (CTRL + C and CTRL + V and Mouse click). I believe it would be important when…
in BMC Remedy AR System
Chris Wimer
Hello BCO Community,   We recently created distribution lists for each of the technology towers (Server, Network, Storage, etc.) to automate our monthly reports.   QUESTION: Is there a way to…
in Capacity Management
Ayobanji Iluyomade
Hi Guys,   am new to this field, is there any video or CBT available for BPA/BCO.   my new job role requires me to learn this tools, any help will be appreciated.
in BCO Developer Community
I'd like the ability to either restrict access to certain templates or delete the OOTB templates.   By creating Report templates it helps guide novice users to oibtain standard reports - the problem…
in Capacity Management
Matthew Auchincloss
Can you please open an RFE for reading vSphere Meta-Tags in BCO?  These are essentially additional data (almost like a notes field) that each object in vCenter can hold.  They have been made…
Mc T.
Hi,   Is there any specific set of steps that should be used for migrating? Please advice.   +Mc
in Capacity Management
Werner Wiedmer
Hi all   The system type seems to be a good way to create reports or analyses for certain groups of systems. When I look in BCO, I find that most of the systems are of type "Generic". Since the CMDB…
in Capacity Management
Gaurav Agarwal
There are many users in Barclays environment not accessing BCO console via LDAP authentication.   As part of user administration there should be some way by which password should expired by system…
Neeraj Bhatia
Hi,   I want to create a customized reports only for a set of systems part of an entity filter. The issue is with the SQL as I am not able to write a SQL of below type:   Select name from pv_system…
in Capacity Management
Timothy Hill
Hi!   The Performance Assurance agent  9.0 has a metric group for ZFS, an open source filesystem used in Solaris. These metrics are listed in the  ZFSStat.mt .   Currently, these metrics cannot be…
Sourabh Agrawal
In Perceiver 9 if we open any view, in server name drop down list first we see all the server names starting with CAPS than we see server names starting with SMALL Letters. Currently, this is an…
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