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Extend the power of TrueSight Capacity Optimization – It’s Free


The world of IT is changing. That is what we hear every day. And it is true. Think about Cloud, DevOps, Big Data and other technologies and trends that are being rapidly adopted. However, the biggest changes in IT today are in the way we think and do things. This affects everyone - customers, providers and vendors.


Last week we made a change, that will greatly help you to extend the power of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization solution. We opened the Capacity Optimization Exchange a new group on the BMC Community.


Let me explain why “Exchange”.


For our customers, extending TrueSight Capacity Optimization with additional custom connectors or contents such as custom views is one of the most powerful capabilities of the solution.


Over the years we have supported new technologies and platforms, by delivering OOTB connectors and contents. For example, in version 10.0 we delivered a new connector for OpenStack. In version 10.3 we delivered a new best-practice view for OpenStack and a new connector for Amazon AWS.


Together with our partners, we remain committed to delivering additional OOTB content for key technologies, such as Cloud, Storage and Big Data. (Stay tuned as more is coming.)


We also believe in community – that is, cooperation among our customers. This Exchange site has been created to provide a forum for free exchange of extensions for TrueSight Capacity Optimization. By “extensions” we mean artifacts like a connector, a report or a view that is freely shared. To start the Exchange, we have provided a collection of 40+ template connectors and views that you  can freely download and use.  And you can also share connectors, reports or views you have created on the Exchange for others to use. 


Sound interesting? Get started and leverage the power of the community.  Join the Capacity Optimization Exchange. If you want to contribute extensions to the Exchange, you can watch this short video that explains how to upload your extensions to the Exchange site in few simple steps


Support for the free extensions is provided by the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Community. And the same BSD-type license valid for all BMC Community contents also applies here.


Let us know what you think about the Capacity Optimization Exchange. 

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