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You can delete datasets using the below command:


CMDB Diagnostic Utility Version 7.6.04 SP2 Build 201107160809
Copyright (c) 2006 BMC Software, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Enter server and user information

   Authentication String :
   User (Demo) : Demo
   Password : ***********
   Server (localhost) : <server-ip>
   TCP Port Number (0) : <port>

Connection to server successful.

CMDB version check has been done.
Caching CMDB class information...completed.

Main Menu

   1. Data Integrity Checker
   2. CI and Relationship Correction Tool
   3. Quit

   Enter your choice --> 2

CI and Relationship Correction Tool Submenu

   1. Reset Reconciliation Identities
   2. Clean up Dataset
   3. Correct Relationships
   4. Delete Orphan Relationships
   5. Remove Cardinality Violations
   6. Clean up Classes
   7. Fix Orphaned Weak members
   8. Delete Orphaned Weak members
   9. Main Menu

   Enter your choice --> 2



   All datasets [y, n] (n) : n

   Dataset id : <dataset-name>


Note: This option can potentially delete all of your data so it is recommended

that you back up the database before continuing with this option.


Do you want to continue? [y, n] (n) :  y



and once finished, go to BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_Dataset (CoreDatasetID field)

search for your dataset and delete it from that form.

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How can I customize the web report to accept a date range?


1. Insure that your web report has a date field within the selected fields to display.

2. Go to user tool, and open the form named "Reports" and search for your web report name. or you can open that form from web link -- http://<servername>/arsys/forms/<servername>/Report/

3. Modify the property name "Date Range Report" to "Yes".

4. Modify the property name "Date Field Range ID" to contain the ID of your date field selected in step 1.

-- you can get field ID from Developer Studio, open the target form, select the date field you want, and under Database Property you can find Field ID.

5. Save your changes.

6. Test your report.

To Increase number of pages in a web report (default is 40 pages)

edit file to:

arsystem.nativereport.onscreen_max_entries=15000  (default is 5000)
arsystem.webreport.onscreen_max_entries=15000  (default is 5000)