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Stephen Earl Employee posted 2 years ago
what would make the CMDB more manageable for your business? what do YOU want to see from the BMC CMDB? get in touch and let me know!


  • Shadab Ashraf

    Shadab Ashraf 2 years ago

    Notifying the CMDB community.
  • Pradeep Tiwari

    Pradeep Tiwari 2 years ago

    1. Each CI should show the relationship (parent , child) in a single view, in a quick readable format (some thing similar to how discovery shows a Host or Network device)  2.  Higher level of sync between discovery and CMDB.. ( for example : naming convention...)
  • Stefan Hall

    Stefan Hall Champion 2 years ago

    I don't think you should ask this question under your account. Better visibility and probably more answers can be achieved with a question in the cmdb community.

    It's really a lot to improve.
    1 Revision of normalization, currently too inflexible
    2 Cancel translation for admin forms in the new UI. German is really very bad, new added value and very incomprehensible.
    3 Revision of the class model, especially the relationships no longer cover the real world - like PC to monitor. This is not always Weak and not 1 to n.
  • Stephen Earl

    Stephen Earl Employee 2 years ago

    Hi Stefan


    Points noted ☺


    All these items are on our list to address, including looking at translations.



  • Stephen Earl

    Stephen Earl Employee 2 years ago

    Pradeep Tiwari thanks for the input Pradeep, Although BMC Discovery and BMC CMDB do have a close integration and it improves all the time it is important to note that they are different tools, fulfilling different needs and roles but we constantly evaluate where improvements can be made.