Eric Liszt
FootPrints 2019 Release 2 is available for download.   Highlights of this update include:   New user interface themes that give the product a brighter and more modern look. Updates to the… (Show more)
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DDS Acquisitions
We've setup a dev version of Track-it 2019.  We're only using the Purchasing Module but we use it as a purchase tracking tool.  We don't actually generate purchase orders from Track-it. Because… (Show more)
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Cris Coffey
I am excited to announce the general availability of Track-It! 2019 R3.   This release continues the innovation of the new Track-It! platform and provides another release of new content for the… (Show more)
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Philipp Ernicke
Hi,   we have the problem that we can't import any users.   If we test the credentials there is the message:     Translated: The user doesn't have the required admin permission to delete… (Show more)
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Dave Curzio
I am very curious when this will be available for 2019?
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Michael Kobayashi
I am just wondering if anybody else is dealing with Service Analytics being very slow? We are using Footprints 12 and have been impressed by the performance when using Footprints 12 forms and home… (Show more)
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Anthony Guthrie
Greetings,   Footprints v.12.1.09   Wondering if anybody else has run into this, or knows why this might be happening. The problem only started recently (maybe after update?), but I'm not sure… (Show more)
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Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: FootPrints APPLIES TO: Footprints…
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Chris Webb
I'm currently building our new Trackit system in order to migrate off of 11.4 and we've decided to not import our existing configuration into the new system and instead build it out from scratch.… (Show more)
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Lakshmi Sagar
Does the newer BDA release support SQL Server Enterprise Core Edition Provisioning and Patching (SQL 2012 and later versions)?
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