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Summary:  BMC's Capacity Management for Mainframes (CMM) customers, that are entitled to service, have access to significant additional functionality at No Additional Charge. The YouTube invite below covers enhancements to;


Announcement - BMC AMI Capacity Management v2.1 Generally Available (Apr 30th, 2020) includes;

  • BMC AMI Capacity Reporting v2.1
  • Universal Information Exchange (UIE)     v1.9.10 Patch 29
  • Capacity Management Database (CDB)  v1.4  Patch 1
  • Visualizer v4.2.07 Patch 12
  • Local VGD Patch 29 support V18


YouTube Recording Links for  May 7th 

BMC Capacity Management Mainframes – Value of Recent Enhancements (Title before Apr 30th announcement above, covers it)


Using BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes (CMM) Local VGD versions 1-> 16 w/ Install overview

Discusses Patch 22-27 enhancements


Installing Local VGD KA169180 - Installing field developed Capacity Management Mainframe Graph extensions