Bernadeth Raquiza
When there are multiple Assignment field in the form and you only want to send an email notification to one of the Assignment field, there is no option to specifically select that Assignment field on…
Romuald Bois
This is being treated as a defect.   By design, the "Age of Ticket" doesn't make use of the work schedule. This idea is to request the ability to exclude holidays and after hours from the…
Mattias Rydell
When I create a global ticket i notice that some fields are hidden compared to when creating an ordinary ticket. Is this system defined or is it possible to control which fields are visible… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Melanie Mills
What is the most efficient method of making a change to an agents last name and subsequently ID?  We authenticate via active directory where this change has already occurred.     Thank you Melanie
in FootPrints service desk
Steve Marth
Is there a way to get rid of our previous description field in a ticket and add another one?  We are changing all of our RTF to TextAreas and the description box is a RTF, but when we do we can't get… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Cedric Meschin
You can assign to the current user, team, or team.user on create, and the current user on update, but can't assign to current user's tema or team.user on update for on screen rules. Like to recreate…
Tom McCorkel
All email notifications sent from FootPrints include the line "When replying, type your text above this line."  In FootPrints Service Core 11.x and earlier, we were able to change or remove this text…
Bettina Heilemeier
Hi All, I'm wondering where I could change the value for "Login" from the Login Page (It's "Anmeldung" in german).... As I activated the Customer adding function in FP12 I now see two times the… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Kelly Adams
Can anyone tell me what the "Set as Default" button in the Workflow is for, as I can't find reference to it when searching through the help?  It only appears as an option on some states.  
in FootPrints service desk
Eric Kurtz
I was curious to know if there was a maximum number of workspaces that can be created in FootPrints 12?
in FootPrints service desk
Pamela McClinton
Question: In FP11, there was a metrics reports called Service Level Agreements that provided things like the following. Is anything like Service Level Agreement Reporting in FP12? FP11: Reports >… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
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