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We have different workshops scheduled for the year 2017 for customers. Within a workshop there is of course an agenda which is used as a basic topic. The agenda from the last week 3-day workshop was all about inventory, compliance and mobile device management. The target of this workshops is clear to create a discussion between the customers and let them discuss the way they handle different challenges in their IT (of course with BCM ).


As an example one hot topic was how to use the custom inventory to gather useful informations from devices (like Java Update Status, Adobe Reader, Cortana configuration etc.). Same for how to use custom inventory and the inventory of security settings to automatically create an "up-to-date" security audit dashboard. With that there is no need to do any sort of manual audit or if the security audit does contain some manually steps / checks the effort will be reduced.


There also has been a big discussion about Windows 10, Build upgrades how to test and deploy them. Same for the GPO changes which will affect upgrades from Windows 10 1511 to Windows 10 1611 for all versions except Enterprise and Education. Reference: Group Policy settings that apply only to Windows 10 Enterprise and Education Editions (Windows 10)



While a break I was able to get a picture with the most attendees on it.


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Recently added a new document about missing patch installations and how to report on them. Also an example report is available for download.


Discover / Report missing patch installations