Gavin Ross
Does anyone know if it is possible to populate an "additional device attribute" from a custom inventory object? What we are trying to do is create a reg key on some devices and then populate that… (Show more)
in Client Management
Rebeca Covelo
Hello all,   There is something I can't understand about Compliance rules and this is the next: In Client Management 12.6, when I run the compliance rules evaluation, it passes from Not Evaluated… (Show more)
in Client Management
Vipul Pawaskar
Hello,   To allow duplicate device name, We have enabled Allowed Duplicate device name option in global settings system variables. Now we could see duplicate hostname in BCM. In our scenario,… (Show more)
in Client Management
Adam Lederhos
These are the monthly patches for Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1. and Windows Embedded Standard 7 Service Pack 1, but neither have any affected devices in my… (Show more)
in Client Management
Paulo Castro
Hello   Whenever I try to download Windows 10 1909 ISO to put in patch management, it gives me the error Download Failed. Strange is that, unlike the other ISOs (Windows10x64Professional1909.iso for… (Show more)
in Client Management
Alain Malcotte
Hello,   I need to inventory some unconnected devices i found the documentation here :   Remote Inventory Collection via USB - Documentation for BMC Client Management 12.8 - BMC Documentation  … (Show more)
in Client Management
Philipp Ernicke
Hi,   Can anyone give me a tip how to create a query that shows me which devices consume a compliance license? Unfortunately, I can not find any information which functions consume a C license at… (Show more)
in Client Management
Kannaa Chilla
A day of love is here again with this new decade! Our community is a pure example of a loyal bond that brings us all together as an extended family that truly cares about helping each member and… (Show more)
in Using Communities
Creton Fabrice
We want to update servers from a list of missing patches on demand.   Ideally, we would have the missing patches on myapps to install them when we connect to the servers.
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