Colleen Feistner
Has anyone requested to have Word editor available in the notes field so individuals entering notes could highlight text as an example?
in BMC Track-It!
Cris Coffey
The team and I have been listening to requests about password reset over the last several months and are working on a significant update to address them.   If you are a user of the current password…
in BMC Track-It!
Roger Davis
I imported the incorrect OU.  I have since fixed the OU import with the correct OU, but the unwanted users are still in my users list.   How do I remove all of them and have the Import re-import…
in BMC Track-It!
Tony Cimello
While updating BMC Track-It to version 11.2 from 11.1 the update hung.  When I attempt to re-run the update it fails with the following error:   "An error [-5001:0x80070002] has occurred while…
in BMC Track-It!
Is there a way for me to remove this empty space and change the color of dashboard?
in BMC Track-It!
Yvette Moore
Is their a utility in Track-It! that would allow me to clean up old tickets?  Or do I need to do that on the SQL side?
in BMC Track-It!
It would be a nice feature to add an email address lookup for the Cc: and Bcc: fields. This lookup could query defined users from the Users table and automatically place the users email address in…
Andreas Frank
It would be great if we had a rule in the Format Rule "If E-Mail from Requostor then change Color" or a marker. I know we have the functionality with the Event Policies to inform the assigned…
Alex Vargas
When using the Track-It Queue Manager would like to have the option to exclude technicians for certain days  .  Some technicians work just 4 day weeks so they get work orders assigned to them when…
Shari DeBoer
Team, My boss has a request in which I am not able to find the answer. Can you help? Please see his request in bold. I have created the docs but now (in short) he wants to create a Master/Child…
in BMC Track-It!
Bert Parnell
I currently have a distribution group setup on the email server to notify the AV Services team of incoming emails.  The distribution email address is  I want to use this…
in BMC Track-It!
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