Michael Rees
Why is it that the "Model" in visualize is grayed out. I searched for a particular server which I wanted to add to an existing model but I wasn't able to add the server because model was grayed out… (Show more)
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Vishnu Nair
All ideas need to be created under respective Product community.   …
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Savita G
We have around few servers for which ADDM is not able to fetch serial number. All these servers are VM's (Unix RHEL, Solaris ) But these servers has serial number in them . By seeing session logs we… (Show more)
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Jorge Fernandez Gonzalez
Hello all,   I open this query to ask if it is possible to add custom columns in custom reports to, for example, add a column with "yes/no" if it complies a condition in other columns. If possible,… (Show more)
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Ryan Wiltshire
Hello   I am attempting discovery of Oracle 12c CDB and PDB databases. The documentation is not entirely clear on the account requirements for discovery to work. I want the discovery to capture the… (Show more)
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Ryan Nicosia
We've got Cyberark integration enabled and running.  However, there are a number of hosts that contain multiple credentials in a single safe. For example:     Host A has 4 different accounts in… (Show more)
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Eric Plunk
Judging by Overview - Documentation for BMC Helix Discovery - BMC Documentation , it seems Helix Discovery is cloud-based and does data center discovery.   Maybe I misunderstood, and maybe I missed… (Show more)
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mike spaller
Pretty much what the title says. We have a 2 server scanning cluster and when I try to change the coordinator I get a red box that says "Monitored operation in progress" How do I determine what… (Show more)
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Marco Del Papa
Hello everyone,   we would like to understand how can we bring the "AWS Tags" dicovered with the Cloud API on the relative CMDB classes (we have already created the new fields for those tags on the… (Show more)
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baban shrestha
Hello Discovery,   can I create an attribute with below code, I'm getting an error below:      install_path :=  search(in si traverse InferredElement:Inference:Primary:DiscoveredProcess);       … (Show more)
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Nick Smith
As part of Premier Support, I was recently on-site at a customer for a few days, doing some "mini consultancy" work, mainly looking at extending Network Device discovery. Here, I want to make some… (Show more)
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