Patrick Mischler
Hi All,   I have installed the PATROL Developer Console on my client (laptop) today. However, it won't start: Anyone came across the same issue?   Regards, Patrick
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Sandeep Patwardhan
Hi All,   I am new to TrueSight products. I am looking for a data which will show in a field on Operation console who closed the Event? Is there a way to know this information in console?
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Deepak Karwal
Hi All, has anyone recently configured scom Events to truesight events conversion using msend?  Is the Seamless adapter still available that could be used with bppm?  I have been informed the bmc… (Show more)
Alexandre Akio
I created the below rule to correlate alarms for similar hostnames, for example orapx10a and orapx10b. When the rule compares a no-matching condition for orapx10a and svrhx01,  the rules throws an… (Show more)
Bernardo Castro
We have in our environment, a lot of SAP Hana Linux (Suse) running on ppc64le But there is no msend binary for this kind of architecture. We would like to have this binary, so we are able to send…
Kaushik KM
Hi ALL,   1)Can someone please post few examples for using -Q option in mquery ? 2)Is it possible to use "If" conditions in mquery ? Lets say i want to list all possible active timeframes in a cell… (Show more)
Chase Colvin
Hi all,   PROBLEM: It seems that installing the Patrol Agent on Linux hosts is a common point at which many admins have trouble, especially for those who don't commonly work with Linux, but even for…
Chaitanya Gokhale
Experts,   We have installed Developer Console on 11.3 version. When we try to run it gives below error. Any idea on this?  
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Avaneesh Shukla
Experts,   I installed Developer Console. But when we try to run we are getting below error. Does any one having idea about this?  
Sistemas Securitas Direct
Hello friends,   Help with a mrl please!! I need to correlate the unix KM memory and swap alerts and generate an additional event when both metrics are alerted. The MRL contains 3 parts: create new… (Show more)
Felix Werder
Our IT Security has disabled Flashplayer in the browsers. We are no longer able to work with the TrueSight Operations Management Console (Version 11.3.01). This hampers the analysis work massively.…
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