Community. Whether you're talking about your personal or professional life, it's where your success is amplified, and your challenges can be addressed together.  Community is a barometer that can separate the legendary from the average.  Just as I feel very lucky to live in a city with a wonderful community, I feel very fortunate to work with people that design, implement, use, and support BMC Remedy. Over its 20+ years, Remedy has established a robust culture of experts who help each other on forums, support each other at local events, and do amazing things with a product they enjoy working with.


The premier gather of Remedy experts, WWRUG13, is taking place September 30 - October 4, 2013 in sunny San Jose, CA.  The event isn't run by BMC, its run by the World Wide Remedy User Group.  Of course, many of my colleages and I will be there, to share keynotes, breakouts, showing new and current products, providing technical advice, and learn from some of the best IT service support professionals in the industry.


The breakout sessions for the event are stellar this year.  The networking session will be both insightful and fun - those who have been to a previous WWRUG know what I'm talking about!  One bit of advice -- REGISTER SOON!  The early bird deadline is July 19.  Take a look at the conference website and if you like, post a comment and let us know what you'd like to see this year.


Here's to an awesome community!