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BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 19.02 license will expire by the end of this year 2019-12-31.


There is a separate license file for Smart Reporting 19.02 and it can be applied following steps below:

  1. Download the attached 'license.lic' file to \temp\ location
  2. Now open Browser and login to the Smart Reporting admin console using URL: http(s)://<SmartReportingHost or LB>:<port>/
  3. Login using the administrator (siadmin) credentials to Default organisation.
  4. Once logged in to application, navigate to Administration -> Admin Console -> click on License Management
  5. Now you are on License Management Page, scroll down and select Upload License.
  6. Select the License file with Browse option, then click on Preview to verify the new license information and Submit.




For Smart Reporting 1902 version, download and apply the license from the 'Smart Reporting License 19.x' attachment.