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Bruce Heckler posted 7 months ago
Wasted enough time on this.  Is this web post short enough now? 


  • Matt Laurenceau

    Matt Laurenceau Employee 6 months ago

    Ohh, did the weekly digest request you to make an update status? No worry (^_-) Given your background, you can ask all your questions in the MainView community, you'll find people from various countries and many companies willing to share their experiences. For BMC Communities tips, you can engage with Kannaa Chilla
  • Bruce Heckler

    Bruce Heckler 6 months ago

    Yup, sure did.  I got a bit pis..perturbed when the text box asked about myself and let me go on without any character limit.  After, I don’t know, maybe fifth or sixth time of shortening the thing and getting a “too long” error message….Now I think, it’s probably seventh, because the next to the last one I’d sprinkled a few “colorful phrases”.  Yeah, I just erased it with what it finally accepted.


    Doesn’t matter anyway.  I’m an old MVT, VS1, MVS, SE, SP, XA, OS/390,  Z/OS far..ossil with retirement looming on the horizon.  I inherited installation & maintenance of BMC products because my predecessor retired.   Regardless, our organization HATES IBM anything, similar to the current President and Sacramento legislators.  The odds of marketing anything mainframe related through me is on the slim side of -1 & zero.  Even if I demonstrated your software could send lightning bolt packets smiting hackers near and far, bringing world peace, and “Donny” a better comb over, my bosses would STILL not go for it.  Missouri mules make jokes about our management.


    Anyway, Thanks for checking back.




    Bruce Heckler

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