Manga Mahesh
How can i check the logs /output of the jobs which rans at last 20days back? able to see last one week archives only in view history. Can anyone please assist on this. Thanks in advance!
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Steve Rathbun
Hello,   We want to mass update our Mainframe jobs for when the job errors out (On) to send an email (Do).   Getting the Do portion is easy enough, but finding the correct (On) for Job Ended Not OK… (Show more)
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Jeffrey Jordan
We have several kinds of shouts based on running over avg time or fixed time & we just noticed they don't seem to be working at all. We had one that sends to email group that job has run over it's… (Show more)
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Salvatore Santangelo
Hi, I need to query Control-M to count all the jobs in Monitoring. Can you help me?     Thank you
in Control-M
Shankar Ramesh
Hi All,   Need your help or suggestion, Is it possible to generate one more alert if more number of jobs failure in a batch.   Example:   I have 10 jobs running in a batch. All 10 jobs have… (Show more)
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Mark Francome
** n.b. this was intended to be the Christmas installment, but Christmas got a bit busy. It is a slight departure from the usual tales - less tech, more disasters and a guest appearance by Roderick… (Show more)
in Control-M
Satya Chatterjee
Dear SMEs, Greetings!   Just looking for a high availability design of new implementation of Control-M on premise and effort estimations with step wise at a high level on   - Planning - Design -… (Show more)
in Control-M
Kannaa Chilla
The holiday season is almost here! We've accomplished so much in the last year together, all thanks to you for the incredible support & feedback you've given so far. We also got a fun game to… (Show more)
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