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In today's agile world, users have unwritten expectation of 24x7 availability of any system. They are not happy to see a maintenance page when they need to approve an emergency change request or when they want to log an urgent ticket when working remotely on a weekend. Historically Remedy upgrades required careful advanced planning and long downtimes. Usually upgrades were done over the weekend when usage of the system is expected to be very low. There had to be cautious and manual effort in case something went wrong during upgrades and things needed a rollback.


All these problems are overcome by Zero Downtime Platform Upgrade feature. Starting from version 9.0.01, platform upgrades do not require any downtime. Platform consists of Midtier, AR Server, CMDB and Atrium Integration server. While an administrator of the system is performing upgrade of platform, end user does not even realize that the system is being upgraded. While some of the adminstrative functions are restricted, the end user of the system continues to perform their regular activities normally.


One of the biggest fears customers have - "What if something went wrong in my upgrade? How do I recover or rollback from that condition without impacting the users and without any data loss?". Starting version 9.1.04, platform upgrades also take care of taking required backup to provide an automatic rollback in case of failure. All this is done in-place without a need to rollback the database, so there is never any data loss. Platform installers perform automatic rollback and go back to normal consistent state of the system. Failure cause then can be fixed and upgrade can be performed again in ZDT way.


ZDT of platform during weekday is a de facto standard in BMC Helix (RaaS - Remedy as a Service) and over hundred environments have been upgraded with this feature.


In summary, here are the benefits of Zero Downtime Upgrade of Remedy platform:

1. No need for downtime in production for platform upgrade

2. Application always available to the end user

3. No need for production-scale staging environment, as this is in-place upgrade

4. No Delta Data Migration (DDM)

5. Automatic backup and rollback of the system without any data loss



Refer to this video recording to know more about ZDT of platform: