Andy Scholebo
The command deletes all *stale* devices from the Presentation Server. Devices are synced from Infrastructure Management to the Presentation Server. When devices are deleted through any operation…
i am observing the memory of TSIM server getting high and high day by day.I can see the java is consuming more, in-spite of tuning heap size. event i have reserved memory on VM as well.   How to… (Show more)
Anthony Valuikas
Is there anything in TrueSight that can be set to retain only x days of log files? OR is it a manual process digging all over the place to cleanup the really old log files?
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Steve Robinson
Can you close an event from a command line? I tried using pw event close but it requires you give a username and in this case no user has been assigned.
Andy Scholebo
We've seen some cases where TSPS will have thresholds that do not exist on the TSIM for some reason.   Since we should already have code to sync these two components, this Idea is to get code…
Akash Degam
Hi All,   I am installing the BTIM 10 on the windows 2012 R2 cluster i would like to know if there is a specific role that need to be added in cluster before installation? as i am unable to see… (Show more)
Rich Bone
At some point in the past, somebody has managed to change the name of the pronto.log file to be the storm_hostname.log file and it's causing problems with the dbarchive jobs.  It seems that the jobs… (Show more)