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Leslie A posted 7 years ago
Why is EPD so slow!


  • Anirban Dutta 7 years ago

    Have you interacted with folks on the right  BMC product Community
  • Leslie A 7 years ago

    Hi Aniban, thanks for responding to my frustration. I have now contacted as I actually cannot find the product listed in the EPD at all. Now they are saying it could be something with the "Order Service" section.

    Sounds so lame as this is a new fresh client I am deploying to and they level of support on the first days of the project is below par.

    Do you have any ideas?
  • Anirban Dutta 7 years ago

    Hi Leslie, let me reach out to some people to help you.
    Don't worry, I hear you.
  • Leslie A 7 years ago

    Hello Anirban, I managed to gain progress and now have the necessary access to my files in the EPD!