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BMC TrueSight is one of the world leaders in Monitoring and Event & Impact Enterprise Solution according Gartner reports.
BMC TrueSight Operations Management - BTOM is both Agent Based and Agent less Solution. It supports monitoring of every possible component virtual and physical
IT Infrastructure components. The dynamic baseline and automatic abnormality identifications keeps this one step ahead of its other competitors.
BTOM has one of the most powerful event management and event correlation engine for processing events. BTOM also provides Service Modeling and Impact Analysis
Engine. It helps organizations to move from Configuration Item (CI) Centric Monitoring to Business Service Centric Monitoring. BMC TrueSight Solution
has a seamless out of the box integration with below ITIL processes:
1. BMC Remedy ITSM Incident Management
2. BMC Atrium CMDB
3. BMC Remedy ITSM Change Management

Below is the list of IT Infrastructure components which can be monitored through BMC TrueSight:

1. Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 and above Operating System parameters
2. UNIX based Operating Systems - LINUX, AIX, HP UX, Solaris, RHEL
3. Hypervisor
4. VM Ware
5. IBM WebSphere
6. Apache Tomcat
7. IIS
8. JBoss
9. IBM DB2
10. MS SQL
11. Oracle
12. Sybase
13. Postgres
14. SAP Landscape
15. SAP on HANA
16. EMC Storage Manager
17. EMC Networker
18. HP 3 Par
19. Switch
20. Router
21. Loadbalancer
22. Firewall
23. Java Based Applications
24. .NET Based Applications

BMC TrueSight can be easily integrated with other third party tools by means:
1. SNMP Trap
2. msend API
3. Web Services

4. Email

Below are the Key components of BMC TrueSight Solution:

1. BMC Atrium Single Sign On
2. BMC TrueSight Presentation Server
3. BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server
4. BMC TrueSight Integration Server
5. BMC TrueSight Remote Cell
6. BMC TrueSight Patrol Agent
8. Publishing Server
9. JServer

10. Rate Server
11. BMC Entuity TrueSight for Networks
12. BMC TrueSight App Visibility

13. SNMP Adapter

14. Log Adapter

At the end I would like to say that BMC TrueSight provides proactive monitoring your entire IT Infrastructure components. It helps to move towards proactive monitoring.

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