Alvaro Paronuzzi
Hello everyone,   I wrote an MRL rule for sending an email when an IBRSD_ERROR events arrives to the TSIM cell but, for some reason, it is failing. I had written a similar rule in the past and it… (Show more)
Alvaro Paronuzzi
Needing precious help from the TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt community for this MRL rule!
Alvaro Paronuzzi
Hello everyone,   I developed a super-simple dynamic event collector but unfortunately it is causing serious performance issues on the cell.   Here's the collector:   collector… (Show more)
Deby Karote
The column width for the TSPS tables cannot be adjusted at this time, this can cause data is some columns to be wrapped based on the length of its contents. Provide the ability to adjust the column…
Sunisa Apibansmut
Dear All,   There are 5 events that send same message but different server (each server already installed patrol agent) How I aggregate these 5 events and show just 1 events with the new event… (Show more)
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