Alvaro Paronuzzi
Hello everyone,   I need to update an event via command line / script. Example: I need to set the status of an event to CLOSED using a command or a script. The main use case is a massive update of… (Show more)
Alvaro Paronuzzi
Hello everyone,   in the TrueSight interface, if I apply a filter on CLASS_A events the result is the list of events belonging to the CLASS_A and all the subclasses of CLASS_A (e.g. CLASS_B,… (Show more)
Alvaro Paronuzzi
I'm having a few difficulties in retrieving the expected subset of events via mquery... please help... TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt
Alvaro Paronuzzi
Please share your experience on how to close a huge amount of events easily! TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt
Veronique Delarue
Need live interaction with the PATROL Agent directly within TSPS? Well, Monitoring Studio X1 makes it possible using existing TrueSight infrastructure! Monitoring Studio X1 adds a clickable purple… (Show more)
in Sentry Software
Svetoslav Iliev
Hi guys,   We are currently upgrading BMC Remedy from version 9.01.03 to 19.08 but facing the following issue with the 19.08 ARS Instaler. We are getting the message "Unicode Selection is Invalid.… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Mariusz Wrrr
Hello guys, In our environment we have configured IBRSD integration in order to create intelligent tickets in Remedy system. Integration is working and tickets are create for events. However we have… (Show more)
Deepak Karwal
Truesight 11* - does anyone know how to stop all dashboards being displayed in a users view or point me at the right doc?   Thanks in advance, Regards DB
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Shivani Donga
We was working on a usecase where I need to perform incident monitoring, we have to check the INC queue and if there is any WO or INC in the remedy we need to trigger the workflow. Please help me… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Stefan Telley
Hello Everybody,   I've again a question about configuration. I have a problem with updating the assigned Incident from an Event. If I create or acknowledge the event it takes less than a minute to… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
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