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Who can ever truly know what the future holds? We base futures on feelings, factual data, trends, etc. Sometimes our guesses are spot on, sometime way off base. Predictions are not a open-loop and can change day-day-day or week-by-week based upon feedback to our experiences and factual data. This week these are my predictions for 2013.   :-)


1.      More focus on the service catalog

The service catalog helps the IT organization become more service oriented. This data and how it is displayed to different stakeholders can help IT with decision making that is focused more on  the service itself instead of just on IT components. Organizations will find that the service catalog helps quantify and harvest the knowledge of services. This helps the organization improve service delivery outcomes and support IT maturity while improving efficiency.

2.      Greater interest in the user experience and user engagement models

Today’s IT transactional models (e.g., opening a ticket with the help desk) will not go away entirely, but IT organizations will want to improve the user experience more than ever. In order to do so, this year organizations will start to get a better understanding of user needs through social media profiles and user satisfaction surveys. IT will become more engaged in the overall service experience and start to demand technology that can help with this engagement model.

3.      Increased focus on retention of key IT staff

Organizations are starting to realize that there is a shortage of IT staff with key capabilities based on ITSM experience. These experienced people provide their companies with a competitive advantage for their services and products. Retention initiatives will improve while, at same time, organizations will try to upgrade their capabilities by targeting key individuals at competitive companies.


Maybe I should have made this the top ten predictions. Do you want to know the others?