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I am a loyal fan of Adobe FrameMaker (FM), the authoring tool for content creation and publication. I have strengthened most of my understanding of the technical writing concepts while learning FM!


Recently, while attending the classroom training for BMC Remedy AR System Foundation - Part 2 training, I suddenly remembered FrameMaker. For a moment, I was nostalgic. I realized that BMC Remedy AR System is so much like FM!


Later, after the classroom sessions, I started pondering over the similarities between these two tools, which are designed to achieve completely contrasting goals and are used in totally different domains.


AR System is similar to Adobe FrameMaker in more than one way; both do not have a gentle learning curve, both are not very beautiful to look at; but both are stable, robust, reliable, scalable, and powerful.


The more you work on these tools, the better you understand their power and robustness. Once you know what and how of them, they work like Makkhan (meaning Butter in Hindi).


Those in BMC IDD would immediately relate to what I mean! Aparna Saxena Shweta Hardikar Abhay Chokshi Hemant Baliwala


But for now, I am missing you FM and started liking you AR