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IT Drone - Myth or Reality

Posted by Alok Kumar Dec 30, 2013
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Recently the news covering ‘Drone-delivery revolution’ started off and that made me think where the Next-Gen Sci-Fi IT might move on.


Leading pizza store Dominos, online store Amazon demonstrated few of their capabilities around it. What-If this becomes true? How many drones would be flying around cities and deliver stuffs to customers – thousand, ten thousand or may be depending upon city size, millions!!


How would each Organization make sure that their drone is just up-to-the-mark to deliver things and not to breach SLAs that they promised – leave aside not having Air traffic controller to manage drones.


What is going to be trending IT then; discover drones, feed it in CMS, maintain in ITSM, patch it just like refueling rockets in space, monitoring, track it and what not. Is it MYTH or to be turned REALITY..

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Now this is what happens when we expose something to customer but still ask them that it’s not the best practice. Of course Jive didn’t crashed if we clicked on link from Chatter. But what about things we haven’t put as constraint in our product but still ask customer in our documents for not doing it. They are curious to do different things for the product they have paid for. When the problem comes, we end up saying that it has been mentioned in the document – not an ideal situation for me but also many time end up spending R&D costs to make stuffs happen which we didn’t anticipated to do it before… Thoughts??