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  • BiographyFounder and President of GB Advisors, Inc. I had to face many challenges building and maintaining a profitable company as GB. Currently GB provides consulting services, sales and support software from third party alliances to customers all around Latin American and the US. As a versed President from a small organization I lead by example all the actions required to be successful in the services and software sales business to our employees. To accomplish this I had to understand intimately the financial, human resources, sales & marketing aspects for technology industry organizations such as GB.
  • ExpertiseIn my professional journey, I have been blessed to have worked with very bright individuals and been part of very good projects. Having these opportunities have made me able to design, manage & administer large database systems, including those used for OLTP and Data Warehousing. I have also developed ERD’s, PL/SQL stored procedures and functions, performance tuned, designed and created backup and recovery strategies, and also have done reorganization work for Oracle database systems. I am in charge of every Oracle installation, patch management and security administration for the Oracle systems at the majority of our customers.

    In addition to this, I am an Oracle Certified Expert APEX developer and also managed multiple projects. As you may know, the use of Oracle APEX requires good knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL to be able to create complex applications, as the ones I have developed.

    As part of the work I have been doing for the last years, I was in charge of the analysis and development of a Customer Service Datamart for the Electric Power Company. Where I devised a logic based on PL/SQL to analyze the potential “Non Technical Loses” (Electric Power Theft) based on power consumption profiling of the customers. This requires the crunch of large amounts of data, where I applied my knowledge of SQL, database structures, performance tuning and reorganization; to create significant data from the analysis.
  • CertificationsBMC Footprints Service Administrator



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