Bernadeth Raquiza
In version 11, it is possible to configure a field to be mandatory, optional, hidden, or read only per status per user role.  In version 12, it is not possible to make this property change per…
Kannaa Chilla
The holiday season is almost here! We've accomplished so much in the last year together, all thanks to you for the incredible support & feedback you've given so far. We also got a fun game to… (Show more)
in Using Communities
Joel Tomyl
Aloha,   What happens when a license expires? Do you loose all access to the data? Does it just block new/editing of tickets but can access the tickets for archival purposes?   Thanks for the info!… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Vaggelis Bourdenas
Hi Community,   I would like to ask if CM 12.7 version -using Flexera Catalog for software recognition- can cover license management without installing remote agents on the clients / servers /… (Show more)
in Client Management
Alessandro Ghezzi
When using the Application Monitoring feature to block some prohibited applications, the popup shows the Application Name more than once if more processes are killed for the same application.   Here…
Fabien Carmagnolle
Hi,   We have received requests from customers who either want to populate CMDB with BCM Scanned Application softwares or with Softwares collected by Asset Discovery scan.   If you have read…
in Client Management
Bharath K
Need to update Location Details in FPAC Agent properties automatically. Mechanism : The Location details has to pick from IP Range details(If Range of IP Addresses allocated to particular Location)…