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If you are involved in an architecture design specifications, one of the question which is always coming is "Could we use virtual machine instead physical one".


The BMC answer is yes as long as the VMs meet some prerequisites.


The most important prerequisite is the VM resources allocation as it has a huge impact on solutions availability. BMC expects to have dedicated virtual resources to the VMs hosting BMC java application.


Then usually your are challenged to explain why BMC is requesting this as VMware provides all the mechanisms to share computing resources and optimize the VMs availability. If you are not able to describe the impacts in case of no dedicated resources to your VM this will put at risk your architecture performances.


Here I would like to share a VMware document describing what are the best practices to host java application on Virtual Machines. Here you will learn that BMC prerequisites requests lean on VMware best practices.


So don't be afraid now to request what you need (and tune your java application) as it is perfectly aligned and justified with VMware environment.


I add a document provided by Dhananjay Gundre. Thanks