Arturo Alejo
A regular user with the next permissions can see Incidents in ITSM but not in Smart it.     To see Incidents in Smart IT at least one of this is required:   Incident User Incident Master    …
Arturo Alejo
Have some external knowledge sources successfully working with the full path. The only one’s I’m having problems with are one’s that have sub-folders.         Followed this but is not working:…
Hi All,   What is the purpose of System Role field in Asset Console form and Base Element form. Please share more information on this field and let me know how the flow will go from ADDM to Asset.… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Tiago Sanz Fré
1 - Someone knows the real purpose of the "Role System" field on Base Element? 2 - Some example of filling ? 3 - How can I use "Role System" field on Business Service Class
scott philben
Does anyone have an architecture diagram for SmartIT showing the number and types of servers needed? And where the different software bits need to be installed? I looked through the Install… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
Arturo Alejo
I am just wondering when you do a search for a location (site) it displays everything with that name in it. What I am wondering is if someone is associated with a specific company that has specific…
Arturo Alejo
Question: Can we use PUT with specific qualification parameter to update a record ? I tried ?q='Incident Number'="INCXXX1234" on HPD:IncidentInerface form, but says method not allowed. But works…