Venkat Maddala
Wow, so much have changed around here (BMCDN), 2 years off grid is eternity I guess ;)
Lubos Strejcek
Hello,   I woulkd like to ask you if there is any option or workaround to change bg color of panel by activelink.  I am attaching actions that can be provided by active link. I know that i can do…
in BMC Remedy AR System
Barry Lindstrom
I am working on a Designer Module, in 8.1.2 that would allow my customers to "Mark up" a remedy form and attach notes/recommendations to fields on the form.  I have a working model that when the user…
in BMC Remedy AR System
Vikas Mishra
Hi Team,   When searching a Form for a User he gets different number of records while other Users get different number of records?   A User is getting 136000 records while all other Users get 3370…
in BMC Remedy AR System
Yudi Maryanto
In Remedy, we often have difficulties when we want to validate user input, replace and split a string based on certain pattern, or even extract token from a string that matches a pattern. For…
in BMC Remedy AR System
Michele Marques
By Angela Whitney   At BMC, we are aware that the process for completing upgrades has been a significant pain point for you, our customers. In December 2014, we launched phase 1 of the Remedy…
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