Pertti Kaipio
Hi,   I'm looking for information what possibilities I have when need to monitor Azure Web Application (Paas)... can TrueSight monitor it at all? Also if its possible monitor failed Azure backups?… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Paul Wilk
My manger has tasked me with what tickets each tech has opened, worked, closed.  I have come across this command on youtube, but need to tweek it to each one specific user, per day and per week.  Any command customization guru’s able to help?   ‘status*’ = ”resolved” AND (‘last resolved date’ >= “9/9/19” AND ‘last resolved date’ <= “9/13/19”)   THIS IS TO SHOW all tickets with status resolved from 9/9 to 9/13 only.
nicolas clain
Hi, I 'm looking for an solution/tools or idea to monitoring Entreprise Virtual Array storage systems (HP EVA 3000) and integrate with Patrol 3.x thx
Gerald Holnburger
Hello Communitiy   Can I monitor an EMC VMAX Array with this solution? Or better - can somebody give me a link to download the support metrix.   Thanks Gerald
Shariq Basha
  Is there a way to monitor Hitachi Storage using TSOM without using Sentry Patrol KM Storage monitoring ? Is there different module which comes with TSOM by default ?
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Abhay Bhagat
Dear Sentry Experts,   I need a help to create template for folder monitoring . I am able to create a template   I need to define the folder name as : yyyyMMdd (example for today 20190527) which… (Show more)
in Sentry Software
Shariq Basha
What KM can be  used for simple response time monitoring between two host ? Availability KM just shows hostdown or up.
Razeem Mohamed
Is there any Monitoring Studio Template that you would like to see on Monitoring Studio X in priority?   Let us know if you would like to have a Monitoring Studio X version of the existing pre-built… (Show more)
in Sentry Software
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