Hi All,

This jar files and links are only for the reference, thanks to the below mentioned communities member and documents links, through their proper direction I was able to configure chat successfully through open fire.




BMC recommends that you use arapi90_build001.jar, and the arutil90_build001.jar files or arapi81_build001.jar, and the arutil81_build001.jar files. These files are built with Java 7 and are compatible with Openfire. These files are compatible with BMC Remedy AR System server 9.0 SP1 and later.

Do not use arapi90_build002.jar, and the arutil90_build002.jar files. The arapi90_build002.jar and arutil90_build002.jar files are built with Java 8,however the Openfire server runs with Java 7, so there are compatibility issues


Managing the BMC Remedy Single Sign-On administrator console - BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.0 - BMC Documentation